“Nancy was patient with my teenager, who didn’t always practice. She worked with him which helped improve his self-esteem and provided him the confidence to play several numbers for his class. Nancy is a wonderful teacher.”

Robin Harris


“My son has been taking lessons with Nancy for a few years (he is 9 yrs old). Nancy has been so great at working with him to help him focus and stay engaged with the lessons. She is very patient which has made it a great experience for him.”

Kim Sherman


“She is fun to work with, is very good at meeting the student where he/she is, and I just feel I’ve made enormous progress while working with her.”

Joe Levine


“Nancy is a wonderful piano teacher who is patient with my daughter, provides excellent, clear instruction, and helps to clarify any questions my daughter might have when learning a piece. She does well with following up to make sure they understand and learned a piece and circles back around to pieces so she doesn’t forget them. This method of learning music is so much easier than struggling trying to learn to read notes from the beginning.”

Trina Moruzzi


“Nancy interacts beautifully with young children, and brings her love for music alive. Young children have fun, sing and move, and learn about rhythm, instruments, etc. through activity.”

Debbie Roth Howe


“My daughter has done Music Rhapsody with Nancy for the last two years at age 3 and 4, and she’s loved it. Nancy is so calm, and she always has a smile, and she really listens to her students. The musical selections are diverse and fun. The giant drum always gets even the shyest of kids excited.”

Cynthia Mentzer