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Hello, welcome to Skyview Music Studio, 26 Skyview Circle, Meredith, New Hampshire.

I’m Nancy Nesheim; I love teaching piano, because with the Simply Music Piano method, my students experience incredible success, fast!

Wherever you live, I can teach you to play the piano. Online piano lessons are convenient and effective.


As long as the community spread of Covid 19 continues to go down, I plan to offer lessons at my studio in Meredith once again starting in March. Masks will be required until more of us get our vaccinations.

Simply Music is a revolutionary playing-based piano method from Australia that has students playing great sounding music in different styles with two hands from their very first lessons. Scroll down this page or click on the Simply Music Piano link above to find a video about this wonderful method.

I offer Simply Music piano lessons to children and adults ages 5-105: online, and when it’s once again safe, in my Meredith NH studio.

If you want to find out more, explore this website and my Facebook page:, then contact me to set up a time for a free online introductory session.

Check out this video of Joe, who learned to play piano in his 60s with the Simply Music method:

“She is fun to work with, is very good at meeting the student where he/she is, and I just feel I’ve made enormous progress while working with her.”
Joe Levine

Here’s Jack, age 8, playing the blues!

Here’s 5 year old beginner, Samarah:

And here’s Elora, who didn’t love her traditional piano lessons as a child, but tried the Simply Music method at age 19, and loved it! Her favorite thing is learning to play accompaniment style:

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Nancy Nesheim


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Simply Music Piano

Simply Music Piano is breakthrough nontraditional piano method from Australia.  Most piano methods teach students to read music from the very beginning as a means of accessing the ability to play.  By contrast, Simply Music students learn to play a large repertoire of songs in different styles before they start to read music.  As a result, students experience the joy of playing  with much less struggle and faster progress. Students learn a wonderful repertoire of great-sounding classical, contemporary, blues, and jazz pieces and accompaniments.  They also compose and improvise from the very beginning.

Watch this video to find out more!  You can also check out

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